Grease Buster - Pine & Mint w. GRIT

Buk'n Bar


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Our first Shop Soap is available!  The Buk'n Bar Grease Buster shop soap has a clean Pine & Mint scent and packs a punch to help get your hands clean of grease with crushed walnut shells to give it extra Grit.  

As with all of our soaps, it is made with our proprietary 5 oils and Shea Butter formula with activated charcoal giving it just the right amount of nourishing lather and with crushed walnut shells for cleansing properties to get your hands clean after working in the shop. 

Strong Exfoliation with extra Grit 

Shop work gets your hands dirty, Buk'n Bar gets your hands clean - BUK'N CLEAN!

As with all Buk'n Bar soaps, the Grease Buster bar holds true to our 5 Ranch-Approved Qualities:

  1. Thick and Rich Lather that
  2. Creates Big Sudsy Bubbles, which has
  3. Strong Cleansing Properties to get you undeniably clean while still being
  4. Nourishing and Moisturizing, all in a
  5. Hard and Long-Lasting Bar.

Weight - 4.5 oz

All Buk'n Bar soaps are made in small batches by hand. Because our entire soapmaking process is done by hand, from measuring and mixing the ingredients, to pouring the batter into the molds, to cutting the small batch loaves into individual bars of soap, you could say that our soaps are handcrafted; and while that would be true, we prefer to call our process "Ranchcrafting" and say our soaps are "Ranchcrafted by Hand".

It should be noted that due to our Ranchcrafted by Hand process that there will be slight variations between the physical qualities - the size and weight - of each bar of soap. However, don't worry, the variations are very small and the quality will never be impacted. Every Buk'n Bar bar of soap will always hold true to our 5 Ranch-Approved Qualities or it will not be sold. If you feel a Buk'n Bar bar of soap you purchased from us does not live up to your Ranch-Approved expectations, just contact us and we will make it right and refund you the purchase price.

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (of Olive, Coconut, Certified Sustainable Palm, Castor & Sunflower), Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Activated Charcoal, Sea Salt

*Used to create the saponification process that turns oils (fats/triglycerides) into soap. All soap must go through this process in order to become soap. None of this ingredient remains in the soap bar itself.

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